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About us

Soweto Care System SA

Soweto Care System SA wants to support NPOs worldwide in the execution of their primary tasks, such as:

  • Home based care
  • Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
  • HIV Counseling and Testing
  • Human rights
  • Education programs

With Soweto Care System, Soweto Care System SA enables NPOs to develop their organisation and improve the performance of their primary tasks, their work-flow and Monitoring & Evaluation.

By providing users of Soweto Care System with additional consulting, implementation, training and support services Soweto Care System SA creates employment and development opportunities for local people.

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Stichting Soweto Care System Nederland

The independent Dutch charity foundation Stichting Soweto Care System Nederland wants to assist as many NPOs (worldwide) as possible in their further development and professional growth. The Stichting would like to cooperate with charity organisations worldwide to help them improve their cooperation with the NPOs they support.

In establishing new partnerships with these charity organisations worldwide, Stichting Soweto Care Nederland aims to:

  • Support NPOs in developing countries providing correct, complete, reliable and timely information on their relief programs and related activities
  • help improve the efficiency of their work-flow and Monitoring & Evaluation
  • realise development opportunities, knowledge building and employment in the areas where assistance is provided
  • contribute to the sustainable improvement of living conditions of the local population.
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If you represent an NPO interested in our product and services and your organisation is located in Southern Africa, you can contact Soweto Care System South Africa directly. All other parties are kindly requested to contact Stichting Soweto Care System Nederland.

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