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Persevere Until Something Happens (PUSH)

PUSH was established in May 2001 and is situated in Eldorado Park – Soweto, 25km South West of Johannesburg. Eldorado Park is surrounded by four informal settlement areas and has an approximate population of 550,000 to 600,000 people. PUSH was established by Mrs. Lorna Fisher who realised the need in the community for “within reach”-treatment, support and services fighting the escalating HIV/AIDS pandemic. Centres strongly support the decentralization of community based AIDS programs to build capacity within the community to educate, build awareness, train, treat and monitor interventions to combat the epidemic.

PUSH started using the Soweto Care System in 2007, the very user friendly system tailored to their needs makes it easy for even non-computer-literate staff to capture all services provided to their beneficiaries. The system gives very comprehensive information on the clients. The hassle of meeting deadlines for reporting to donors is eliminated as different reports are pulled out of the system at any given point in time for various funders. Historically correct reports for programs conducted several years back are pulled out of the system and used for analysis and program re-design.