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Board of Stichting Soweto Care System Nederland

The Stichting Soweto Care System Nederland is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce as a not-for profit foundation under Dutch law (Nr. 69789673), RSIN 858012947. You can find our statutes under ‘documents’ on the right. The foundation is governed by a Board that currently consists of four¬†members:

  • mr. Len K. de Bruin, chairman
  • mrs. B. (Gitta) Mes, secretary
  • mr. Martin H.A. Bauman, treasury
  • mr. Frank B. Martel, board member.

Together the board members are tasked to represent, manage and govern the foundation; develop, implement and report on its annual and multiannual plans and report on financial management; monitor the activities of Soweto Care System SA and ensure its sustainability.

The board is autonomous and can take decisions within the statutory provisions. The board members enjoy no remuneration for their work. The role of the Board and its tasks are laid out in the foundation’s statutes. Board members are appointed for a period of four years, in accordance with an appointment schedule.

We currently are looking for an extra board member.


Statutes Policy Plan 2018-2021

Our first annual report will cover the period of October 9, 2017 to December 31, 2018. It will be published on this website as soon as it is available.