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Soweto Care System

South Africa

Frans de Jeu was assigned to Soweto Home-Based Caregivers in Johannesburg (SA) as a volunteer by VSO in 2006. He recognized the challenges in their daily operations and donor reporting. He contacted his former Dutch employer VX Company (an IT solutions provider) who developed the Soweto Care System software as their Corporate Social Responsibility project. Initially the application was developed just for Soweto Home-Based Caregivers, but soon other organisations showed an interest as well. Soweto Care System was born.

Most Soweto Care System users have come with their specific requests for features and reports. By implementing those, the application’s functionality grew over the years – is very comprehensive now and new features are still released on a regular basis.

To provide continuous support to the growing number of organisations using Soweto Care System, a local support organisation was set up in 2009. In 2012 the formal non-profit company Soweto Care System (NPC 2012/133449/08) was founded in Johannesburg (SA), from where our local staff serves southern Africa. They also continuously find new users and provide training and support.