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Greater Nelspruit Rape Intervention Project (GRIP)

GRIP was founded in 2000 to provide support and assistance to survivors of sexual violence in the Nelspruit area in Mpumalanga Province. They have 24-hour care rooms in local hospitals, police stations and courts in Mpumalanga which offer immediate assistance to survivors. In addition, GRIP supports rape survivors to adhere to post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) to prevent HIV infection. Counsellors based at court prepare survivors and other witnesses to testify in court and post court counselling is also provided. Support groups for parents of children who are raped or sexually assaulted are available. Short-term accommodation facilities for victims of gender-based violence is provided at police stations and the Ekhaya Shelter which accommodates survivors of domestic violence up to six months.

GRIP started using the Soweto Care System in 2010 to capture all the services provided to their survivors. Scanned copies of beneficiary documents such as court files, identity document, birth certificates, etc. are saved in their electronic files. Client contacts are saved on the system as well as future appointments and reminders are automatically generated by the system. Historically correct stats are pulled out of the system and managers use the system to measure or monitor the case load for all staff members.