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New Soweto Care System feature: ‘Employee contact’

We are happy to announce that yet a new feature has been implemented in the latest version of our software. An often-used entity is ‘Client contact’ to capture each intervention/interaction between a beneficiary and NPO-staff member. In addition, one can now also capture interventions/interactions between employees. This will especially be useful for HRM departments; appraisals, disciplinary meetings, progress evaluation, etc. Customers who want to start using this functionality, please contact Sifiso or Mirabelle.


Intern at Soweto Care System

Soweto Care System partners might communicate with Mr. Lennert Flens in the coming months. Lennert is an intern from The Netherlands who studies both Economics and Business and History at the University of Amsterdam. Next to his studies Lennert also works with Binck Bank Amsterdam in the telemarketing department. Lennert brings valuable telemarketing experience and a fresh approach to our business, we look forward to working with him!

JULY 2017

SANCA National - SETA

Where Soweto Care System had already been implemented with SANCA Central (Johannesburg) and SANCA Soweto, our software is now also in use by the national office of SANCA for their SETA training programs. The SANCA SETA staff was trained and are very happy to finally have a professional tool for their training administration and reports being just a mouse-click away.

MARCH 2017

Banner feature

A new feature in Soweto Care System is a ‘banner’ that can be used to communicate with our users. Should our system have to be brought down for maintenance, we can advise our customers in advance. If new features have been installed, the banner can be used to inform our customers.


New Project Manager

Soweto Care System proudly presents Mrs. Mirabelle Felix Ngyah, our new Project Manager. Mirabelle knows Soweto Care System very well from a user perspective, as she was a manager with Humana People to People before where they use our software. Mirabelle will start with her introduction and we will visit as many customers as possible to personally introduce her.


Soweto Care System for smartphones

Soweto Care System is proud to announce that a special user interface for smartphones has been implemented. As Soweto Care System is web-based, it could already be used with a browser on smartphones and tablets. But for small screens there is now a special user-interface. It has limited functionality and had been developed especially for field workers who can now capture their interventions in the field. No need to bring hand-written reports to an office and capture it there separately. Also field workers have access to their client files while out of the office.


New Account Manager

Mr. Sifiso Khanyile has joined the ranks of Soweto Care System and will be an important face to our customers. Sifiso will take care of first line support and assist users with any challenge or question they might have. He will also approach potential new users and provide demonstrations. Sifiso is 24 years old and also has user Soweto Care System experience at Kids Haven in Benoni.