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Abraham Kriel Childcare

Abraham Kriel Childcare is an NPO providing care and skills development for traumatised children and youth in need in Johannesburg. They provide shelter, physical care, rehabilitation and skills development for beneficiaries that were subjected to trauma, abuse, molestation, poverty, neglect and unemployment. Abraham Kriel provides residential care, community services and educational programs.

Starting in 2010, Abraham Kriel have been using Soweto Care System to have online files on all their beneficiaries. They log all interventions with the children and all activities relevant to their statutory work. Process notes are captured in the system and key documents are uploaded as well so easy access to this vital information at any point in time is assured. As a result, they always have accurate insight at any beneficiary level.

Soweto Care System SA has developed various tailor-made reports for Abraham Kriel. Reports for monitoring each beneficiary, to manage workloads at social worker and overall level and the monthly Department of Social Development reports with all details required on the statutory work.