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Product & Services

Soweto Care System supports non-profit organisations (NPOs) in developing countries with software for producing correct, complete, reliable and timely information on their relief programs and related activities.

Soweto Care System provides non-profit organisations with information and insight they need on:

  • supplying clients with adequate treatment and support
  • management of client programs and work schedules
  • ensuring transparency on spending of donations
  • managing multi-site and multi-level financial reporting.

With Soweto Care System information on beneficiaries, employees, beneficiary interventions, needs and programs can be captured, updated and retrieved in great detail. Files of beneficiaries, employees, attendance registers, work schedules, comprehensive reports for management and donors are easily generated. Information is available at the click of a button.

Alongside Soweto Care System we provide our customers with services for a proper implementation and good operational use of the Soweto Care System software, tailored to their organisation:

  • inventory and analysis of needs and information
  • tailoring of reports, lists and worksheets in the language preferred
  • End User training / Train the Trainer courses
  • software and user support
  • software maintenance and development.

Together with our customers we invest commitment, dedication and participation resulting in improved administrative and Monitoring & Evaluation processes.